Our Vision

At Vinson, we leverage our experience and expertise in the educational sector and beyond to help district leadership tackle the impossible every day. Through a combination of skill and know-how in a range of disciplines and high-tech solutions, our team of experts can help any district and address any problem they might encounter. No matter what you’re facing, Vinson can empower you to maximize funding for your district.


Michael Nutter


Starting out as a teacher before moving on to become an assistant principal, principal, and finally, a superintendent, Michael Nutter has been deeply involved in the educational space at every single level for 25 years. Michael’s experience as a superintendent for well over a decade taught him just how difficult it can be to facilitate the non-educational processes that are necessary to securing funding for schools. Today, he is driven to help superintendents navigate these difficult issues with greater ease in his new role as Principal at Vinson.

The Vinson Team

Vinson is staffed by a team of consultants and experts in a wide array of subjects, markets, and disciplines. Regardless of what your problem involves, whether it’s data science, charter schools, or accounting, we’ve got an expert who knows it backwards and forwards and can help you tackle it. It’s through this tremendous base of knowledge that we’re able to confront and solve your district’s toughest challenges.

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