White Paper

Vinson Consulting Group’s Guide to Revenue Stream Optimization and Accountability for School Districts

In this white paper, we will examine the particular challenges faced by Ohio’s public school districts (including dozens of Vinson Consulting Group clients) in relation to the Educational Management Information System (EMIS) and accountability in the reporting process. We’ll also discuss the tools and techniques we’ve leveraged to help districts untangle these issues. Download the guide to learn more about how to recover your school’s fair share of revenue from the state of Ohio by ensuring accurate reporting across the board.

Review of the Horizon Report, K-12 2016 Edition: A Reality Check and Actionable Analysis for Schools

This year’s NMC/CoSN Horizon Report has again analyzed the most prominent emerging technological trends and their implications on the world of education, as topics like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and wearable technology are examined in depth. But it can be difficult to separate the hype from reality when it comes to technological trends, so we at Vinson Consulting analyzed the report to look beyond the hype and give you a sense of the exact impact of the most crucial technologies and when you should be prepared to adopt them. Download our white paper to learn more.

How to Bring Accountability to Your District’s Data Reporting Process

Many districts face problems of interoperable software and a lack of institutional accountability. Reforming these systems and developing effective data reporting processes will ensure that your district gets every bit of funding it deserves. Download our white paper to learn more about how to get started.

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Key Considerations for Digital Privacy and Data Standards in School Districts

It’s 2017, yet many districts continue to ignore the clear risks involved in the use of digital technology in schools. In this white paper, we’ll outline how districts can prevent fraud and other digital threats by adopting strong best practices and procedures related to information security. By adopting an enterprise mindset, laying out a new hierarchy that holds individual staff members accountable to one another, and creating a strict set of processes, schools will be able to more systematically and effectively secure educational records and protect privacy. Download the white paper to learn more.

How to Implement Interoperability Standards in Your School District

To avoid the expensive mess of untangling data silos, school districts need to enforce common technology standards to help make data actionable across multiple platforms and vendors. Download the white paper to learn more.