Official reporting may only happen three times a year, but validators want to check and verify the data for which they’re responsible far more often. Our CheckPoint platform empowers treasurers, superintendents, and EMIS coordinators to continually check and double-check what team members are inputting.

Validate Proactively

Don’t scramble to dot your i’s and cross your t’s at the last second — check well before reporting deadlines to make sure the right team members are inputting the right data the right way.

Maintain New Reporting Practices

You don’t want to spend all that time upfront working to improve your reporting processes, only to see the same old habits emerge at the next deadline. Keep your district’s reporting skills sharp by encouraging continual use.

Remote Support Keeps Systems Running Smoothly

Changes in personnel, new technology, and other unforeseen issues can throw you off your reporting game — that’s why Vinson’s remote support team is there to guide you through any issues that come up after the initial implementation.

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