Vinson CTO offers strategic guidance for schools who don’t have the resources and staff to address the most pressing technological issues of today. Regardless of the challenge in front of you, we offer a team-as-a-service to support you and your staff and get the job done right.

By providing monthly reporting and meetings with senior Vinson consultants, as well as unlimited access to key technical staff via phone or email, we ensure 100% accountability throughout the program. We’ll also work with you on-site to help execute new strategies and effectively manage your organization’s tech stack.

Vinson CTO services include:

  • Data and information management
  • Digital textbook adoption
  • Cloud strategies
  • Digital privacy
  • Device management
  • Technology lifecycle management
  • IT budget creation and maintenance
  • Strategic initiative planning
  • Federal and state program management
  • Product and vendor management
  • Reporting and data visualization

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