Many schools have invested heavily in technology but aren’t seeing the desired changes in the classroom. Vinson PD empowers educators to maximize their usage of the latest technology while achieving institutional learning goals. Through a series of collaborative learning sessions, our team of experts facilitates knowledge sharing between educators, new skill development, and the crafting of technology-rich lesson plans.

Our professional development solutions include:

Digital Learning Community

  • Customized, online learning environment
  • Hands-on activities and video tutorials
  • Direct applications to teaching and learning
  • Modular content for learning resources, video, and collaboration

Sustained Professional Development

  • Strategic 1-3 year professional development plan
  • Bringing educators together to explore ways to better support student learning needs with technology
  • Cohort teams learn and apply instructional best practices with technology under the guidance of a Vinson expert

Technology Camps

  • Workshops designed to bring staff together for team building, learning experiences, and technology integration
  • Each workshop includes instructions on both basic and advanced skills
  • Minimum 3 days

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